Trusted Septic Tank Contractors

Your septic tank is a watertight concrete or poly box, usually within 20 feet of your house. This tank collects the solids and scum that flow from your home's drainage plumb. Most tanks have a manhole from which it's pumped.

Grease, oils, and lighter solids rise to the top where they form a layer of scum while heavy solids sink to the bottom. Bacteria, which are naturally present, help decompose and liquefy the organic matter. Liquids flow through a pipe from the septic tank into the leach field, from there they pass into the soil.

Brothers Three Cesspools is ready to solve all of the septic tank system issues of Hampton Bays, New York, and the surrounding areas, with honest and reliable services. With an impressive amount of experience in unclogging grease traps and ensuring pipes and lines are running efficiently, we remain one of the area’s most trusted septic tank experts.

We are family owned and operated. Therefore, our every action is taken into account because it is our livelihood. Our professionals are always courteous, dependable, and friendly, no matter what time your septic tank issues arise. We value the satisfaction of all our existing customers and are always happy to speak with prospective customers to provide more information or a free, no-obligation estimate of our service costs.

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